Satisfied customers are happy customers. More importantly, satisfied customers are more likely to become recurring spenders.

Did you know that 65% of consumers find a positive brand experience more influential than great advertising? (PWC) Improving the customer experience, and keeping your customers satisfied will ensure your brand’s success for a long time to come. Here are six ways to increase customer satisfaction.

Communicate. In any relationship, even between business and customer, communication is vital. Any brand looking to foster more satisfied customers should examine every aspect in which it communicates with the customer. Do you respond to followers on social media? Do you have excellent, easy-to-access customer service? Are you adequately communicating with your loyalty members? Find ways to communicate and your brand will reap the benefits.

Listen and Respond. Understanding the value of listening is critical for any brand. Through better listening, brands can listen to suggestions, criticisms, and concerns. But it’s not enough to listen alone. Brands need to respond. Using that information, they can create a better, and ultimately more satisfying, customer experience. Whether your brand is going to change something in response to a suggestion, or simply address a complaint, it’s important to respond in some way.

Show Value. Customers are typically most satisfied with their purchases when they know they’re getting a good value. Even if a product or service is inherently a good value, the customer isn’t always aware of where that value stacks up against the competition. That value needs to be confidently shown. Courtesy of Mixergy, here’s a quick rundown on communicating a product’s value.

Reward. Rewarding customers is an important part of fostering repeat business. The easiest way to do that? Set your business up with a loyalty program. Loyalty programs keep customers engaged with your business. They continuously incentivize them to return and spend more. Because you’ve built rewards into the system, these customers are consistently satisfied by doing business with you.

Personalize. Curating a more personalized experience for the customer is proven to pack numerous benefits. According to a report from Accenture, 91% of consumers have a greater likelihood to do business with brands providing relevant offers and recommendations. On the other hand, a report from Segment tells us that 71% of consumers become frustrated due to an impersonal shopping experience. Segment your audiences, create customer profiles, and keep your messaging personal by addressing customers by their name.

Convenience. Above all else, there’s nothing that really ruins any shot at satisfaction faster than an inconvenient experience. Forcing your customers to jump through hoops in order to get something done isn’t great for anyone. Make things more convenient by giving your customers options, and staying flexible. Go the extra mile to clarify common customer questions, whether it be in the form of an online FAQ or simply a change in messaging.

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