When it comes to running a small business, every cent counts. One of the most valuable places to invest your money into is marketing. Why? Because it’s how you grow your business and attract new customers.

If we’re going to talk about saving money on marketing budgets, it’s essential to look at digital marketing. Not only is digital marketing more affordable than traditional marketing, it’s more effective too. Here’s five easy ways your small business can cut down on its digital marketing budget.

Target smart. Clearly defining your audience will easily save you more money in the long run. Ensuring you have a defined audience means you won’t waste time or budget with marketing expenditures designed to attract customers who aren’t the best possible fit for your products or services. Try to determine your target demographics as narrowly as possible, considering everything from age to income.

Don’t try to do everything. Otherwise, you may end up spreading yourself too thin. Does your small business really need a highly-optimized presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest? Probably not. When it comes to social media, optimize your presence toward the platforms that your audience lives on (another benefit to smart targeting).

Take advantage of public domain imagery (CC0). Paying for a lot of professional photography can add up fast, and you’re not necessarily going to want to shell out every time you need an image, whether you’re hiring a photographer yourself or paying for professional stock photos. CC0 images represent a viable alternative for your small business’s image-based needs. CC0 images, which you can read about here, are totally free of copyright and usable for all of your commercial needs without any attribution. You’re free to modify and alter the images to your heart’s content. You can source CC0 images a variety of websites, such as Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

Optimize SEO. If you haven’t invested much time into understanding SEO (search engine optimization), it’s time to get into gear. You can start by setting up a Google My Business profile here, if you haven’t already. Next, start researching keywords and incorporating them into your website. Here’s a guide on doing keyword research, courtesy of HubSpot.

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How does your business save on digital marketing? Sound off in the comments!