Content marketing is booming. It’s proven enormously successful across a variety of industries, and many businesses, both big and small, are investing heavily in it.

Did you know content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing? That figure comes straight from Direct Metric’s report on content marketing. In it, they detail many of the amazing benefits of content marketing with raw figures. If you’re wondering why companies are investing in content, wonder no further.

If you’ve never explored content marketing before, it’s important to remember that all content marketing serves a larger purpose. Each piece of content you produce should have some sort of objective that will benefit your business. Are you trying to promote an event? Your loyalty program? A product sale? Be sure to incorporate that objective through each piece of content you produce.

Struggling to decide what type of content marketing is best for your small business? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s four common types of content marketing that your small business can try.

Blogs. Blogs are extremely common sources of content marketing. One of the largest advantages of blogs is that they don’t require a heavy investment. You just need someone who knows what they’re talking about (in terms of your business’s content objectives), and someone who knows how to write. If they’re the same person, great! If not, outsourcing a writer doesn’t have to be an expensive prospect. You might even already have someone on staff that could assist.

Fun fact. You’re reading a blog right now! You can search through our articles to get some inspiration if you’re thinking about starting your own.

Video. Video is exploding in popularity. And it’s not just relevant for your content marketing strategy. It’s relevant for your marketing strategy, period. Depositphotos projects that 80% of all Internet traffic will come from video in 2019. Instead of getting away from video, embrace it. One of videos benefits is versatility. A single video can be leveraged across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. For example, you could produce a full video and post it on YouTube and Facebook, and then selectively post bite-sized clips on Instagram.

Podcasts. Another form of content marketing that keeps growing? Podcasts. According to Edison Research, nearly a third of Americans (32%) say that they have listened to a podcast during the past month. Starting a podcast requires a little legwork (planning, equipment, etc.), but it can be incredibly fruitful for the businesses that choose to pursue it. Before you get into podcasting, you should make sure it’s the right choice for your business. To learn more on whether podcasting is the right choice for your business, check out this article over at Smart Insights.

Infographics. On its own, a collection of statistics can be a great resource. But a wall of text isn’t quite as appetizing as a crisply-designed infographic. Presenting a set of information in an easily-digestible infographic is a great way to show people your business knows it’s stuff. On top of that, infographics are highly shareable, and always show off your brand in a positive light. If they get enough traction, they’ll wind up with some nice exposure. Courtesy of Small Business Trends, here’s 25 tools that can help your business start pumping out infographics.

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