You have a great business. Excellent service, popular products, and a fantastic location. As it just so happens though, so do your competitors.

Want to stay competitive? You need to stand out. Here’s five ways your business can start standing out from its competitors.

Present value. When it comes down to it, sometimes the easiest way to get competitive comes down to where customers can get the best deal. But it’s not always just a pure matter of price. When customers are making a decision to shop with either you or your competitors, there are other factors at play. A purchase decision can often come down to perceived value, rather than price point.

For example, let’s say you and a competitor have a nearly identical product. However, your product is priced ten dollars higher. So why would a customer bother buying from you? Because of perceived value. It just so happens that your product is bundled with a free bonus. And that’s not all, your business offers a lifetime warranty (your competitor doesn’t). Suddenly, that extra ten dollars is a lot more palatable.

Leverage your loyalty program. Another way to help your brand stand out from competitors is to take advantage of loyalty programs. With a well-designed loyalty program, your customers won’t even think about heading to your competitors. Why? Because they’re being rewarded. Every purchase they make is edging them closer and closer to a coveted prize. Oh, and it also helps that they get access to member-exclusive perks.

Keep an eye on your competitors. The only way to truly stand out from your competitors is to know what you’re dealing with. It pays to watch your competitors. Understand what makes them tick and you’ll be more informed on what your business can do to set itself apart. Read their reviews. See how they’re being criticized. And commended! You don’t just want to be better than your competition, you want to be different.

Distinct branding. Does your branding feel just a little samey to one or two of your competitors? If you’re in the same industry, there’s always bound to be some things in common. Set your branding apart by being as distinct as possible. You don’t need to reinvent your brand to stand out. You just need to emphasize the elements that make it unique.

Represent causes your customers care about. Appealing to your customers’ values can give you a sharp edge over competitors. Giving to charity, holding a fundraiser, or partnering with a nonprofit places your business in a positive light, and provides customers with a more personal reason to support you. Even if you can’t find the right partner, don’t hesitate to take an initiative yourself. If your customers are passionate about the environment, demonstrate the steps your business is taking to be more eco-friendly. It’s great for your image, and it’s great for standing out.

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What tactics has your business tried to stand out with? Let us know in the comments!