Got an event? A sale? Something else entirely? Keeping your audience in the loop is essential for any business.

Here’s seven ways to promote your newest products, events, sales, services, and more.

New Arrivals Section. Not everyone is always going to get the memo when a new product goes on sale. Sometimes you literally just need to put it right in front of them. When it comes to showing off your newest products, introducing a “new arrivals” section is a great way to show off those hot, new jackets that just came in.

In-store Promotions. When you’re not explicitly placing the focus on an individual product, you may have to get a little more creative. Here’s a few in-store promotions that can help highlight upcoming (or current) sales and events.

  • Update board
  • Calendar of events
  • Flyers
  • Event invitations

WiFi. Did you know WiFi can actually be a pretty effective promotional tool? People can’t stop staring at their phones, creating an opportunity for business owners to capitalize. Through the use of branded landing pages, which customers can be directed to once they’ve logged into your HotSpot, you can show off your social media pages, active sales, future events, loyalty program, and whatever else you’d like to promote.

Website Updates. Of course, not everything has to be kept in-store. Maintaining your business’s website with frequent updates is an important task. Here’s a few examples of ways you can highlight different types of updates.

  • News section
  • Social media bar
  • Event page
  • Current sales section

Social Media. Don’t forget about social media. You’ve got followers for a reason. Sure, they may be a fan of the content you’re posting, but they’re also following you because they want to stay informed. If there’s a hot sale that you just launched, then your followers are going to want to know about it. In fact, according to Yes Marketing, 62% of customers follow brands to keep aware of sales. Not only that, but 60% follow to stay up to date on new products. Don’t hesitate to keep your audience plugged in!

Text Updates. Text updates are quick, convenient, and have actually proven quite popular. OpenMarket reports that 75% of millennials prefer receiving a text message when it concerns surveys, deliveries, and promotions. For many, texting feels more personal. They can be particularly useful when you’d like customers to make an impulse action, such as for a flash sale.

Email. When you need to be a little more comprehensive, setting up an email newsletter is the way to go. Newsletters can pack everything you need to promote for any given period of time, all into one very convenient package. To keep customers consistently checking out your email newsletter, a clever incentive is to consistently dole out exclusive coupons.

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What tactics does your business use to promote new products, events, and sales? Sound off in the comments!