Does your restaurant have a nearby college? If so, you’re definitely going to want to tap into that market.

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At the link below, QSR Magazine explains why your restaurant should be attracting college students. Check it out!

Restaurants Would be Wise to Court College Students

For your viewing convenience, here’s a quick recap of the article top points.

  • 58% of college students eat at off-campus quick service restaurants at least once a week, according to Datassential.
  • College students today are the oldest portion of Gen Z. As such, they look for brands that reflect their personal beliefs, according to Susan Schwallie of the NPD Group.
  • 49% of students identify as foodies, according to Datassential findings.
  • College students are very informed on the latest health trends.
  • Datassential reports that almost half are avoiding at least a single allergen.
  • Convenience is key, with Datassential reporting that 65% identify speed/convenience as the most significant reason for choosing delivery.
  • College students today care deeply about the environment.

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