In recent years, Social WiFi has become a popular method for many restaurants looking to get a little more marketing value out of their in-store HotSpots. It’s a simple, but oh-so-effective process. Logging in via email, phone number, or social media, customers instantly get access to a restaurant’s free WiFi. Restaurant owners get marketing information and a line-of-contact for their customers. Customers get to use the Internet.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Getting started with Social WiFi is easy. All you need is the right partner. And in 2019, there’s no shortage of partners to choose from. Many third party Social WiFi providers have thrown their hats into the ring, offering their services to help improve customer engagement, loyalty, and reviews.

However, when it comes down to it, many of these services feature a narrower scope of engagement. It’s a scope that doesn’t quite realize the full potential of Social WiFi. That’s why with CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art service, we offer a host of multidimensional engagement options that deliver the results you deserve, affordably and effectively.

Exchanging a service like WiFi for the opportunity to engage the guest and build brand loyalty, CoGoBuzz offers far more comprehensive engagement than industry competitors. Here’s how our service adds marketing value to your restaurant.

Text Integration. One of the most useful differentiators CoGoBuzz features is its powerful text integration capabilities. CoGoWiFi (our WiFi component) works hand-in-hand with CoGoText (our SMS component) to provide highly-targeted, personalized text messages based on both the experience and behaviors of your restaurant’s guests. These factors can include time of day contact, length of stay, and a variety of other elements allowing your venue to offer value without intruding on guest privacy.

Text-Based Loyalty Program. And that’s not all when it comes to text marketing. Our service features an advanced SMS Marketing App with an easy-to-use, cloud-based interface. Because customers can access your HotSpot with a phone number, you’ll have them automatically opting in to your brand new, digital loyalty program. Promote your restaurant, and engage your audience with contests, polls, automated messages, and more!

CoGoTV. Engagement runs even deeper with CoGoBuzz when you factor in CoGoTV, our digital menu offering. Leveraging mobile and digital display options helps create a more immersive restaurant experience. Not only does CoGoTV support digital menu, specials, and venue advertising, it also provides a layer of social engagement. When guests post photos on Twitter or Instagram, whether it’s of food, specialty drinks, or just friends having a good time, you can set it so that it all displays on your restaurant’s TV.

Own Your Engagement With CoGoBuzz

With CoGoBuzz, we believe in your right to control what your restaurant guests see along with how guest data is used. You own your engagement, and you will ultimately decide how to maximize engagement to benefit your venue. These are your customers, and not a third party’s.

On top of all the features I’ve listed, CoGoBuzz delivers the absolute state-of-the-art experience in Social WiFi. We set you up with fully realized customer profiles for every customer that logs in. We offer one-time login capabilities, allowing your customers to seamlessly auto connect across every single one of your locations. Track and engage your customers wherever they go.

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