NConnections Launches, CoGoBuzz™, An Innovative Mobile Marketing Solution Enhancing Customer Loyalty for Businesses Nationwide

Integrated Platform Drives Customer Engagement and Loyalty for Franchise and Independent Brands in the Dining and Entertainment Industries

Melbourne, FL (August 21, 2019)NConnections, an established technology company and leader in guest internet and mobile marketing solutions, today announced the company’s newest innovation, CoGoBuzz™, an integrated mobile marketing platform designed to drive direct customer engagement and provide loyalty solutions for independent restaurants, cafes, bars and franchise concepts. Created by NConnections CEO and founder Stephen Gould, the CoGoBuzz™ product line further elevates the company’s ongoing offering, which currently connects with 50,000 guests on a daily basis in the hospitality space and expands those connections through WiFi, text and digital displays to develop a deeper and more engaging connection with the venue’s customers. These enriched connections encourage customers to dramatically increase their social media engagement rate and express their brand loyalty.

“We developed CoGoBuzz™ with the primary objective of fueling mobile guest engagement, while providing business owners with a user friendly platform and customer focused services that can be customized to their individual concept and tailored to their sales and marketing goals – no matter how big or small their organization,” said Gould. “Our solution helps businesses better understand their guests and creates personal and highly targeted multidimensional marketing communications in fresh, innovative ways.”

With CoGoBuzz™, everything a business owner needs is located in one simple box, which plugs directly into an existing internet connection without any security concerns or IT professional assistance. Under this service, a dedicated team of IT professionals is available to provide customer support as part of each package. Once connected, CoGoBuzz™ instantly downloads the business’ settings from the highly secured cloud. On average, a business can be up and running in 60 seconds or less.

CoGoBuzz™ pricing starts off at $99 per month and include the following options:

  • CoGoWiFi™– an easy “plug & play” HotSpot that allows businesses to provide instant, branded WiFi to their guests, and begin building extensive guest profiles. The information collected provides insightful and useful statistics as well as real-time analytics for managers and marketers. Extensive customized reports can be scheduled, automatically e-mailed and conveniently viewed and managed in the CoGoBuzz™ Dashboard, any time.
  • CoGoText™– a standalone full-service text messaging program that provides personalized texts to customers, unlimited keywords, market segments and more. When integrated into the CoGoBuzz™ solution, the CoGoWiFi™ automatically adds customers to SMS remarketing lists and begins fully automated engagements and delivers social media loyalty offerings. Guests can select the type of messages they receive, such as events and coupons, and a business can tailor those messages on a real-time basis. This feature can also be viewed and managed in the CoGoBuzz™ Dashboard or provided as an additional marketing service.
  • CoGoTV™– a service that helps drive customer engagement using digital menu boards, interactive digital signage and social media engagement. This platform gives a business the ability to display customer photos as they post using a company’s unique hashtag, creating a sense of excitement, loyalty and enhanced on-site guest engagement.

Developed to provide unique marketing tools to franchise and independent brands in a multitude of industries, CoGoBuzz™ turns guests into brand advocates increasing typical venue social activities utilizing social media and mobile marketing. The solution is built as an open platform and therefore can be a complete ecosystem running independently or easily integrated with any existing marketing programs and services. Whether a local venue or a large-scale business, CoGoBuzz™ is an innovative customer engagement tool for hospitality, food & beverage businesses, main streets and more.

Steve McGann, owner of Charlie & Jake’s Brewery and Grille located in Melbourne, Florida had
the following to say regarding their experience with CoGoBuzz™:

“This is amazing, within weeks of installing CoGoBuzz™ our social media activity started growing. I knew that social media was important, but it was something my staff did on the side. By installing CoGoBuzz™, our regular customers who had been coming in for years, suddenly started following us because CoGoBuzz™ made it easier. The numbers went through the roof. What was even more amazing, just like the team at CoGoBuzz™ told me, those numbers led to one positive impact after another, more positive reviews, more customer posts and mentions on Facebook and Instagram, and much more participation in our events. With the flexibility of CoGoBuzz™, my staff still does the social media, but the impact of their work is one hundred times what it used to be.”

For more information about NConnections and innovative mobile marketing solutions through CoGoBuzz™, please call 866-928-7834, email or visit

About NConnections
Founded in 2002, NConnections is the leading provider of guest internet services providing guest WiFi, telecommunication services and customer engagement solutions to hotels, convention centers, office centers, fitness centers, restaurants, breweries and main streets across the country. The company focuses on the best way to provide each guest a quality internet experience through strong technical solutions through a variety of products. For more information about NConnections, contact 866-928-7834 or visit

About CoGoBuzz™
CoGoBuzz™ powered by NConnections is a powerful mobile marketing solution that combines all the best features of WiFi, SMS, digital signage, social media and customer loyalty through CoGoWiFi™, CoGoText™ & CoGoTV™. The platform provides an innovative way to collect customer data for personalized messages and drive customer engagement to generate loyalty for independent and franchise concepts. For more information about CoGoBuzz™, contact 866-928-7834 or visit


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