Fall’s just barely getting started and it’s (already!) time to start thinking about the holidays again. That’s because, before you know it, they’re going to be here. And when it comes to your marketing plans, the holidays are crucial.

Is your business ready for the holidays? Read ahead for four easy ways to kickstart your holiday marketing.

Release a calendar of holiday events. A great way to build interest and keep customers engaged throughout the holidays is to chart out a whole season of events. Promote them across your newsletters, social media, and your website. To build a bit of excitement, you can even make the release of your holiday calendar an event by announcing on social media when you’ll be unveiling your holiday plans. Here’s a few ideas of the type of stuff you may wanna populate your calendars with.

  • Holiday parties
  • Extended holiday hours
  • Entertainment
  • New deals every week
  • Giveaways

Refine the customer experience. The holidays can be an absolutely hectic time for customers. Anything your business can do to make their lives a little bit easier can really give your business an edge, and can pack some much-needed marketing potential, especially when it comes to valuable word of mouth advertising. Here’s a few examples of ways to improve the holiday experience.

  • Complimentary gift wrapping
  • Easy (and free) returns
  • Order-ahead pickup
  • Don’t wind up understaffed

Get festive. There are countless ways to get your brand into the holiday spirit. Decorate your place of business, but don’t stop there. Get festive across all of your platforms. Plan this all out and create all the marketing collateral now so that you’ll be ready to flip the switch when the time comes. A popular way to build holiday awareness for your brand, and accomplish a little guerilla marketing, is by adding some festive flair to your marketing material (e.g. shopping bags that will get carried around a shopping center).

Gift suggestions. Holiday shopping can be difficult for those buying gifts for a wide variety of different people. Help them out. Position your best sellers in easily identifiable areas. Suggest giftable purchases. Have gift cards available at the counter. For service-based businesses (e.g. spas), make sure to have special holiday-themed gift packages ready to go. This line of thinking can make your customers’ lives way easier, and help push some extra sales.

Holiday Marketing With CoGoBuzz

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What is your business doing to prepare for the holidays? Sound off in the comments!