Is your restaurant’s social media presence in a slump? It’s time to do something about it.

Here’s seven ideas to help energize your restaurant’s social media.

Show off your menu with mouth-watering imagery. Don’t just settle for a description. Your restaurant’s biggest selling point is the food (and drinks). Appetizing, high quality photos grab people’s attention and get them interested, making them more likely to plan their next visit.

Want to make your food more Instagrammable? Focus on presentation. Many of your customers are constantly looking for the perfect Instagram shot. In fact, according to Social Media Today, 23% of users on the platform post photos of their meals daily. If you want your food to make the cut, you’ll need to put some thought into the presentation. And that’s not just limited to the food itself! You’ll need to consider lighting, silverware, the table, the background, and more.

Make an event out of your specials. Restaurant specials are one of the most common ways to keep customers coming back for more. If you’re introducing a new special, seasonal menu, or even if you’re just adding a new item to your menu, announce it for everyone to see. Make it seem like a big deal and invite your customers to stop by. If it’s for a limited time, tell them that they’re not going to want to miss out.

Get blogging. Restaurant blogs are a great way to invigorate your social media platforms with more content. There’s tons of different post types to play around with. Just a few examples to consider might include professional recipes crafted by your top chefs, revealing the story behind some of your most popular menu items, or a recap of your latest event.

Take advantage of each platform. Every major social media platform has features that help it stand apart from the pack. Playing to each platform’s individual strengths can help your restaurant get the most out of its presence there. Unfortunately, “one size fits all” doesn’t apply to social media. There’s always going to be some overlap, but adjustments need to be made when considering the platform and the audience.

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Host the occasional contest. Hosting contests on your social media is not only effective for boosting engagement with your followers, it’s also an attractive incentive for getting people to follow you in the first place. Courtesy of our blog, here’s five contest ideas that’ll go great with any restaurant’s social media.

Reward your followers with exclusive deals. Another way to attract followers? Post deals. It’s great to remind your followers when Happy Hour is coming up, or if you’ve got a deal of the week going on, for example. But if you really want to keep them interested and engaged, blast out deals exclusively for your social media followers.

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