Marketing is tough, especially for restaurants. Let’s help make it easier with CoGoBuzz.

Leveraging advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service delivers your menu, specials, and more straight to mobile devices. We’ll track consumer metrics, boost your social media presence automatically, and optimize your digital strategy, targeting your customers both in-store and out. We develop full profiles for every single customer that logs into your in-store HotSpot. On top of that, you’ll take advantage of a powerful text-based digital loyalty program, automatic Facebook followers, and more!

Educate yourself on the best practices for restaurant marketing, courtesy of Forbes. Check it out at the link below.

Seven Best Practices For Restaurant Marketing

For your viewing convenience, here’s a quick recap of the article’s best practices.

  1. Tell A Story
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Let Technology Guide Your Way
  4. Google It
  5. Scarcity Marketing
  6. Listen To Your Competition
  7. Have Fun

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