People are constantly fixated on their devices. Even when they’re going out to eat and drink! Want their attention? Try digital signage. Because sometimes, the only way to lure someone away from one screen, is with another screen.

Here’s how digital signage can benefit your restaurant or bar.

Update your menu on the fly. Need to make a quick change to your menu? With digital signage, you can do it instantly. Whether you’re launching new specials, need to make a few price adjustments, or want to show off delectable imagery of your top sellers, you’ll have the flexibility you need to do all that and more.

Does your restaurant have different menus throughout the day? Seamlessly switch between breakfast, lunch, dinner without any hassle. (Oh, and don’t forget about Happy Hour.)

Immersive experience. Digital signage is large, vibrant, and can be used for a multitude of purposes beyond showing off the menu. For starters, its very presence adds a modern feel to your establishment. Using it in creative ways can act as an extension of your brand from both a content and design perspective. It adds an attractive digital element to your in-store experience, creating a more dynamic environment for the customer to be in.

On top of all that, it allows you to show off promotions, loyalty program perks, future events, and literally anything at all you’d like to promote. With digital signage, nothing has to slip through the cracks.

How about events and entertainment? If you’re hosting a trivia night, digital signage doesn’t just make the event more interesting. It can help make it more engaging by clearly ensuring that everyone in the establishment knows what the current question might be.

Intuitive drink menus. Physical drink menus are great, but not every patron in your bar is going to be carrying one around for the duration of their visit. And on crowded days? Forget about it. With digital signage, you can have giant-sized drink menus for the entire bar to see. Show off tap lists, specialty cocktail selections, and more. On the restaurant side of things, digital drink menus keep your customers thinking about what they’ll order next, even if their server has already collected the table menu.

Social engagement. With the right service (such as the CoGoBuzz-powered CoGoTV), you can even add an element of social media integration. You’ll have it so that when customers share a post, it’ll show up on TV. Digital signage can add more than immersion to your establishment. It can actively foster engagement to improve your social media and word-of-mouth marketing.

CoGoBuzz: Social WiFi + Social TV

Want to take customer engagement even further? With CoGoBuzz, you can cover TV and mobile engagement. Leveraging advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our state-of-the-art service reaches your customers on the devices that they use most.

Whether in-store or out, CoGoBuzz is designed from-the-ground-up to provide the customer engagement that your restaurant or bar needs. Our service redefines your mobile experience, delivering in-store engagement through free, fast, and secure WiFi. Thanks to automatic data capture, we’ll set you up with valuable customer profiles. Build your email list, social media following, and more!

Ready to adopt an all-digital loyalty program? CoGoBuzz comes packed with a text-based loyalty program, designed to keep your customers constantly coming back. It’s easy and intuitive. How about digital signage? Our CoGoTV service will set you up with Social TV, Digital Menu Boards, Tap Lists, Video, and Interactive Ads!

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Does your restaurant use digital signage? Sound off in the comments!