For restaurants, reaching a generation of customers who have grown up with the Internet and smartphones tends to be a little more complicated than just serving high quality food.

With CoGoBuzz, reaching these customers has never been easier. Leveraging powerful WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service digitizes your brand, delivering your menu, specials, and more straight to mobile devices. On top of that, CoGoBuzz sets you up with a text-based loyalty program, automatic Facebook followers, and customer profiles for every single login to your HotSpot.

To learn everything you need to know about feeding the digital generation, head over to QSR Magazine at the link below.

How to Feed the Digital Generation

For your viewing convenience, here’s a quick recap of some of the article’s main points.

  • The article kicks off by citing statistics from Pew Research and the National Restaurant Association highlighting just how integral the Internet and smartphones are to millennials and Gen Z, even in their dining habits.
  • It goes on to detail that younger consumers like to use technology to actively learn about the food they’re consuming.
  • These consumers have shorter attention spans, necessitating marketing material that gets right to the point.
  • The article cites UNiDAYS research stating that Gen Z spend the majority of their money on food. It also highlights that restaurants taking advantage of push alerts will do well in reaching these consumers because of the constant presence of their mobile devices.

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