Could your bar use a marketing boost? Feel like all of the strategies you’ve been trying just aren’t sticking? Or maybe you’re just looking to serve up some trendier cocktails?

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place. Ensure you’re marketing your bar to the best of your ability with this data-backed rundown.

Social media timing. With social media, timing is everything. Especially for bars and restaurants. The time in which your customers see your posts can have a huge impact on how its received. It can even make a difference in your customer actively choosing to take an action.

Here’s some social media advice by way of Napoleon Cat. When posting to Instagram, their research tells us that the best time to post happens when your potential customers are having a meal and checking their social media. That means 9 AM for breakfast, between noon and 1 PM for lunch, and around 8 PM for dinner.

This line of thought can extend to whatever type of promotion your bar is making. If you’re promoting Happy Hour, you might want to post a refreshing picture of whatever specialty cocktail you’ve got discounted around 5 PM, just when your customers are gettings off of work.

How to handle beer. In terms of supplier gross revenue, the most important alcoholic beverage in the U.S., according to Statista, remains to be beer. On top of that? Beer and cider constitute 11.5% of all total beverage consumption in the U.S. Not just alcohol. All beverages period.

But every bar serves beer. It’s not exactly a selling point, is it? Not necessarily! There are plenty of ways to stand out. For starters, customers will absolutely recognize when your bar has a wide selection of beer. Stocking favorites like Bud Light or Corona are a great base, but it’s always a great idea to diversify.

A great way to expand your beer selection? Start serving more craft beer. Despite research (from Technomic) indicating that beer sales are declining, craft and imported beer are an area of growth. According to the Brewer’s Association, annual growth report on the U.S. craft brewing industry, craft beer volume in the U.S. exhibited a 4% increase over the previous year, and is outperforming growth in the beer market as a whole.

Loyalty is key. Maintaining a loyal customer base is one of the most essential tasks a bar (or restaurant) can strive to accomplish. People are creatures of habit. They actively want to head to bars they’re familiar with. According to the America Nightlife Association, 70% of customers are visiting the same type of bar whenever they go out. By fostering loyalty, you can ensure that the bar they choose is yours.

So how can your bar work to create more loyal customers? Well, there’s a lot of ways. There’s the obvious stuff, like making sure that your bartenders and staff are friendly and get to know the regulars. Beyond that? I’d recommend investing in a digital loyalty program. According to Bond, loyalty program members actually spend 37% more than your average customer.

If you want to learn more about setting up an affordable loyalty program, read ahead to find out how CoGoBuzz can help.

Cocktail trends to watch. Want to keep things interesting? Keep up with the latest cocktail trends. Courtesy of Technomic, and by way of Night Club & Bar, here’s a quick list of cocktail trends to keep your eye on.

  • Customers are looking for the following exotic flavors in their cocktails: Dragonfruit, Gooseberry, Barberry, Feijoa, Mangosteen, Tepache, Habanada, Ume.
  • Almost half of US bartenders (49%) surveyed by Technomic believe drinks with lower ABV are becoming trendier.
  • Sfumato, Cardamom, and Lavender are three floral flavors to watch.
  • Classic drinks are making a comeback. Drinks identified by Technomic include Berliner Weisse, Lambrusco, and Eau de vie.

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