Putting together a marketing campaign is hard work. Especially for small business owners who are constantly strapped for time. If you’re running a small business, you need all the help you can get. That’s where marketing automation comes in.

The value marketing automation can bring your business can’t be understated. I would argue that its even more important for small businesses than their corporate counterparts. Automation keeps things running, leaving you the time you need to focus on keeping your business running.

Here’s seven reasons why your small business needs marketing automation.

You’ll save time. If you own or work for a small business, you understand that time is one of your most valuable commodities. Running your small business is difficult enough in the first place. Marketing automation takes care of time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

More importantly, you’ll save money. Did you know that marketing automation can actually save you a ton of money? Setting yourself up with the right service can mean the difference between having to hire additional employees for marketing purposes. With automation, you don’t need an entire team.

You’ll improve efficiency. Marketing automaton is all about performing tasks in the background while you’re focusing on what’s important. You and your staff won’t have to worry about the little things. That’s what automation is for. It aims to increase productivity, improve the efficiency of your workflow, all whilst delivering the results you deserve.

You’ll discover your customers. Getting to know your customers takes time. Marketing automation software sets you up with valuable customer insights to help fuel future campaigns. With the right service (like CoGoBuzz), you can take advantage of automatic data capture, enabling you to produce fully realized profiles when customers connect to your in-store HotSpot.

You’ll automate campaigns in advance. Want to create entire marketing campaigns, months in advance? With automation, you can make that a reality. You won’t have to worry about the day-to-day stress of managing an ongoing campaign. You can set it all up in advance, monitor its success, and make adjustments as time goes on.

You’ll create a more personal customer experience. Marketing automation sounds anything but personal. But make no mistake, it’s actually one of the best ways around to create a more personalized experience for each individual customer. From sending birthday messages to personalized emails, automation helps refine the overall experience.

You’ll create repeat customers. Marketing automation software can attract customers to return based on a variety of messaging triggers. For example, let’s say a first-time customer hasn’t returned after two weeks. As a result, you may want to set it so that any customer who hasn’t returned within a set period of time (two weeks in this case) will automatically receive a message with an offer enticing them to return.

Marketing Automation With CoGoBuzz

Not only does marketing automation save you money, it won’t cost you much either. It’s all thanks to CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art, and totally affordable digital marketing service.

With CoGoBuzz, you’ll gain access to industry-leading WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions. It all starts when customers login to your in-store HotSpot via Facebook, Email Address or Phone Number. From there, our service develops a full profile, setting you up with access to crucial customer data. Find out who’s coming to your business, and how often. We’ll then automatically store their profile information and automatically send them to your favorite Marketing List, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

But that’s not all! With CoGoBuzz, we’ll set you up with automatic Facebook followers, a digital text-based loyalty program, and more.

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