Mobile marketing has become crucial for restaurants. From promoting your latest menu updates to modernizing your loyalty program, mobile marketing carries numerous compelling benefits.

Here’s why your restaurant needs to get serious with mobile marketing.

Everyone is on mobile. Smartphones are everywhere. You don’t need me to tell you that. What you may not realize is just how much time people are spending on their devices. A study from Provision Living revealed that the average American is spending 5.4 hours per day using their mobile devices.

And they’re not just watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

They’re actively researching the brands they care about. Looking at reviews and shopping. Most pressingly for you? They’re researching where they want to eat. According to a study from SinglePlatform and Chadwick Martin Bailey, 81% of consumers have searched for restaurants on their mobile devices. 70% of those consumers think a mobile menu is important, while 62% are actually less likely to eat at a restaurant if no mobile menu is available at all.

The social media factor. Social media is dominated by mobile users. Did you know that 54.2% of Facebook users access the platform exclusively via a mobile device? (VentureBeat)

You might think that you don’t have to worry about this. Facebook handles the optimization. Your posts and content will show up just find on a mobile device. Will they? People browsing social media on their smartphones have a different attitude than people on their desktops. Attention spans are shorter. They want to read less and consumer more quick, visual content. Because they’re on their phones, they might be and public, and can’t always turn the sound on in videos. That’s why subtitles are a must.

Mobile marketing has changed the nature of customer loyalty. Restaurant loyalty programs used to boil down to adding a new hole to a punch card every time a customer stops in to eat. Today, things aren’t quite so simple. Not only are there better options available, customers flat out expect them. Mobile loyalty has taken over.

Mobile loyalty allows for instant, personal engagement. According to Oracle, more than half of millennials (52% to be specific) are interested in engaging with restaurant loyalty programs on their mobile devices. According to a survey from CodeBroker, 37% of consumers prefer to access rewards program info through a text message link. For this specific survey, this option ranked highest, compared to using a mobile app (28%) or from a website (19%).

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