Video is dominant. Gone are the days when videos were confined to our television screens. Today, video is everywhere. Across every platform.

The nature of how people consume video has changed entirely. According to Google, 60% of people prefer watching video online to live television. This has had a huge impact on how brands incorporate video into their marketing plans. According to Wyzowl, 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. That’s up from 63%in 2016 and 81% in 2018. Looks like it’s only going up.

To keep your business on the cutting edge of video marketing, here’s ten tips to help you out in 2020.

Mobile-minded video. Research from eMarketer tells us that 78.4% of all digital video is being viewed on a mobile device. This has massive implications on the type of video content your business should be producing. You need to keep mobile in mind for every piece of video you intend to produce. Ask yourself how this video is going to appear on a smartphone. Don’t assume your videos are being viewed on a television or even a computer screen.

Use subtitles. One of the most important considerations to make when it comes mobile videos is to consider using subtitles. Did you know that 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound? (American Press Institute) Subtitles aren’t just a good idea. They’re absolutely essential.

Embrace vertical. Here’s another mobile-related tip. Your first instinct when producing videos might be to create them in horizontal widescreen. You know, like how all the content on your TV looks. Not so fast! Even if the idea of giving your high quality video a vertical orientation makes you shudder, know that it’s probably for the best. Vertical videos occupy the entire screen, eliminating distractions. On top of that? The vast majority of people hold their phones in the upright position. It’s just easier.

Create videos about your products. Video has become the preferred solution for acquiring product information. When learning about a product, 72% of people would rather watch a video than read a text-based user manual. (Breadnbeyond) In fact, according to Google, “how-to” searches on YouTube are increasing by 70% every year.

Consider video length. While the average adult spends nearly six hours per day watching video content (Nielsen), research from Wistia indicates that videos up to 2 minutes long achieve the highest amount of engagement. If your video needs to be longer, which it very well might, then 6 to 12 minute videos perform at a consistent rate, but there’s another drop off at the 12 minute mark. Wistia notes that instructional videos (such as the “how-to” videos I just mentioned) can be longer, as the user understands that there’s a time commitment involved.

Use video on your website. Videos aren’t just for YouTube and social media. They can actually be a major component of your website. When browsing websites with videos on them, users will actually spend 88% more time. (Breadnbeyond) Incorporating videos into your website is a great way to make use of the content you’ve created and show off your brand.

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