You’ve got great stuff. You’ve spend countless hours (days, weeks, months, years…) creating high quality content and making your social media pages the best they can possibly be. Heck, you might even have a bunch of followers too.

The only problem? It’s not growing. You want things to spread. You need more shares.

Here’s five easy ways to get more shares on social media.

Ask. Before we really get into the weeds, let’s start off with the most important thing you can do to give shares a boost. Just ask. It’s as simple as that. No, you don’t need to make it sound like you’re begging for shares. What you need is a call to action (CTA).

Even if you’ve got the best content out there, followers need some sort of impetus to share. We’re bombarded with so much digital media on a daily basis that, in order for us to share a piece of content, it either needs to significantly stand out, or it needs to give us a reason to share. Having a strong CTA will help provide that reason.

Create shareable content. If you want to get shared more, it only makes sense to create the type of content that’s most likely to get shared in the first place. Thanks to data from the folks over at HubSpot, we have a pretty good idea of what content performs the best for sharing purposes. List posts performed the best with 22.45% of the traction. Why-posts followed at 22.32%. Videos, how-to articles, and what-posts performed at 18.94%, 18.42%, and 17.88% respectively

Be sure to check out the rest of their article for some more in-depth data, including industry-specific info, timing, and more.

Cater to your audience. Now that you know what type of content performs best, you need to know how to fill in the blanks. That means creating content that will not only resonate with your audience, but will be considered valuable. In order to do this, you need to understand your audience. A list article is only going to perform well if it’s the type of list your audience wants to see in the first place.

Integrate social media buttons on your website. This is one of the simplest mistakes businesses tend to make. If you go through the effort of creating a piece of content for your website, you better make sure that there’s a social media button ready for easy sharing. The easier it is to click-and-share, the more likely it is you’ll get a share in the first place.

Want an example? Scroll to the bottom of this article! (And feel free to share too.)

UGC contests. UGC (short for user-generated content) is, as its name suggests, content created by the user. This is some of the best content you can get because it’s authentic, word-of-mouth promotion that doesn’t cost you anything. Or at the very least, it’ll cost you very little. If you want to encourage UGC, holding a social media contest (with a reward on the line) will get your followers posting.

Want a few pointers on receiving more UGC? We’ve got you covered. Check out these 6 easy ways to get more user-generated content.

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