Everything’s better when it’s personal. Including marketing. It doesn’t just feel like an advertisement or a promotion from a faceless company. It feels like communication from a brand that understands you. It’s powerful, effective stuff.

And that’s why personalized marketing has become such a big deal.

Not convinced? Here’s six reasons it’s time for you to start embracing personalized marketing.

It’s what the people want. At the bare minimum, embracing personalized marketing is guaranteed to please customers. Did you know that, when provided with relevant recommendations and offers, the vast majority of customers (91%) are more likely to shop with brands? (Accenture) Frankly, it’s a no-brainer. Don’t sleep on it.

It helps refine the customer experience. When establishing (and maintaining) a brand, experience is everything. Personalization helps refine the overall experience because it helps define a sense of control for the customer. The digital era presents modern audiences with so much information coming from so many different directions, from so many different brands, that seeing through it all can prove difficult. Personalization delivers the right experience in the easiest possible way. It presents the customer with an experience tailor-made for them.

You’ll learn more about your audience. When customers know that you’re personalizing the experience for them, they’re actually more willing to give you their information in the first place. According to research from SalesForce, 57% of customers will share their personal info in exchange for offers and discounts that have been personalized.

You’ll target the right customers. Personalized marketing ensures that your promotions aren’t being wasted on an audience that wants nothing to do with them. In a sense, it helps simplify your marketing. Because you’re learning more about your audience, you’re figuring out which customers will be the best fit for which promotions. Segmenting is key part of personalization, and it’s a great idea for any business looking to run a successful marketing initiative.

Your promotions will do better. Personalized promotions are more effective. It’s that simple. Even if you run a small business with limited marketing capabilities, personalizing something like your email newsletter is as simple as including the customer’s name in the email. According to Experian, emails that have been personalized have six transaction rates that are six times higher. Not bad!

You’ll improve loyalty. When marketing is personalized, it feels like the brand actually cares. The brand itself actively feels more personal, more humanized. This inspires loyalty among customers. According to SmarterHQ, personalized marketing communications increase millennial brand loyalty by 28%.

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