Yes, you read that right. WiFi can actually increase sales in your bar or restaurant. I’m not trying to pull your leg here.

But I’m not just talking about any sort of WiFi. Specifically, I’m talking about Social WiFi.

Social WiFi (an interchangeable term for WiFi Marketing) takes WiFi beyond a selling point. It turns it into a valuable marketing asset.

Interested? Here’s how it works. In exchange for access to your Wireless HotSpot, customers will opt in to your loyalty program. Additionally, their information is stored for analytics and messaging purposes. This sets you up with a direct line of communication to the customer’s mobile device.

Here’s how Social WiFi can increase sales in your bar or restaurant.

Marketing Automation. The first major benefit of Social WiFi is automated marketing. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with marketing automation, it’s one of the most effective ways to streamline your marketing process, saving you time and money, and improving your overall efficiency. Social WiFi is one of the easiest (and best) ways around to get on board with marketing automation.

Want to build your customer database without having to lift a finger? You got it. Empower your marketing with automatically developed customer profiles. Fill out your email list, expand your loyalty program, and gain valuable data to fuel your future campaigns.

SMS Promotion. Social WiFi intuitively uses text messaging features to engage with customers on their mobile devices, whether they’re in your establishment or at home.

Here’s an in-store example. Because customers automatically connect to your WiFi on return visits, you can set a trigger so that they’ll receive automated welcome back messages. You can leverage these messages to increase social media followers by including links to your various pages. This can also encourage them to share their visit online, setting you up with valuable word-of-mouth promotion.

Of course, the advantage of texting is that it’s not limited to in-store engagement. You can plan entire text campaigns months in advance. Send birthday texts, flash deals, coupons, contests, reminders and more. Take advantage of your automatically developed loyalty program to engage and reward your best customers wherever they go.

Digital Signage. With the right Social WiFi partner (like CoGoBuzz), you can add an additional element to the mix. Digital signage is a major benefit for bars and restaurants seeking to add a modern component to their in-store experience. By itself, a digital menu board is a dynamic, effective tool for showing off your food, drinks, specials, and more. But when paired with Social WiFi? That’s where a whole load of benefits enter the picture.

For starters, there’s social media integration. When using the CoGoBuzz-powered CoGoTV service, for example, you can have it so that when customers share a post, it’ll show up on TV. This adds an extra level of engagement to your establishment. You can also use it for contests, games (like trivia night), events, and more!

Succeed With CoGoBuzz

Want the best in Social WiFi? Look no further than CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital marketing service. Leveraging advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service reaches your customers on the devices that they use most. Every single Social WiFi feature I’ve outlined today is a part of CoGoBuzz. Our service is easy to use, intuitive, and affordable!

Whether in-store or out, CoGoBuzz is designed from-the-ground-up to provide the customer engagement that your business is looking for. Our service redefines your mobile experience, delivering in-store engagement through free, fast, and secure WiFi. Thanks to automatic data capture, we’ll set you up with valuable customer profiles that include Name, Profile Photo, Phone Number, Email Address, Birthday, Interests, Facebook Profile information & Visit based information such as Frequency of visits, dwell time, day of the week visited, events attended, and more!

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