If you’ve ever been on Facebook (seven-in-ten US adults are, according to Pew Research, so that’s pretty likely), then you’re almost certainly familiar with Facebook check-ins. Introduced in 2010, the feature allows customers to show off where they’re currently visiting.

Why should you care? Because check-ins are highly effective word-of-mouth advertising. When people see their friends posting a check-in, they take notice. They’re a direct link to your business. The customer is essentially saying “Hey, I like this place. You should too.”

And at the end of the day, check-ins are great for brand awareness. They help keep your business on people’s minds. It can make all the difference when a customer is deciding between your business and a competitor.

Here are four easy ways to get more check-ins on Facebook.

Check-in discount. If you’re looking for easy, it doesn’t get any easier than this method. It’s as simple as this: “Show us that you’ve checked in on Facebook and get a 10% discount.” Quick and to-the-point. All you need to do is place a little sign at the point-of-purchase and maybe an additional one at the entrance.

In-store social media markers. Sometimes, all it takes is a subtle reminder that your business is on social media in the first place. Seeing the Facebook logo on the door, in a pamphlet, or on a bag gets customers to take notice. It’s a good idea to have these markers around your business anyway (and online), so that people associate your brand with social media to begin with.

Holidays/National Days. Whether it’s a holiday like Saint Patrick’s Day, or something a little more out there like International Talk Like a Pirate Day (yes, it’s a thing), people love sharing social media posts of the various ways they’ve chosen to celebrate these occasions. In these cases, a little bit of decorating, or even a full-blown event, can go a long way. It can be just the push your customers need to decide they want to check-in and share a picture. This is a particularly good idea if you can find a holiday that has something in common with your brand.

Turn check-ins on in the first place. And finally, before you go and do anything else, you should probably make sure your Facebook page lets people check-in at all. It turns out, there’s just a few things you’ll need to do before your customers start checking in. Straight from Facebook itself, click here to find out how to turn it on.

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Has your business tried anything unique to get more check-ins? Sound off in the comments!