Did you know video and email marketing actually go together pretty well? It’s no surprise, given how prevalent video has become on the marketing scene in recent years. And email is just as important as ever.

With CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital marketing service, we’ll help build your email list automatically. Our service sets the industry standard in empowering your business’s current CRM and Email Marketing accounts. CoGoBuzz cleverly leverages your in-business WiFi to collect customer emails, providing your contact list with valuable customers. We develop full profiles for every single customer that logs in, and automatically integrate them with your Marketing List of choice, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, or Constant Contact.

Ready to find out how to use video in your email marketing? At the link below, head over to HubSpot for six ways to do so.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

For your viewing convenience, here’s all six ways.

  1. Personalized emails
  2. Event marketing
  3. Include Video in Subject Line
  4. Product marketing
  5. Newsletters
  6. Engage with your community

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