Customer engagement is one of the most critical components of modern marketing. In 2020, brands need to form meaningful connections with their customers in order to prosper. And becoming better at customer engagement is absolutely necessary to make that happen.

It’s time to make customer engagement easier. Here’s three ways to get it done.

Identify who you’re engaging. Imagine trying to talk to someone and having no idea who it is you’re talking to. Is it a child? A senior? Do they live on a farm? Maybe they live in a different country entirely! Engaging your customers becomes a heck of a lot easier once you’ve established the who element. Segmenting your customer demographics will improve your communication, and help personalize the experience for your customers.

Identify how you’ll engage. There are more ways to engage than ever before. In order to foster better customer engagement, you need to identify which channels you’re using for which engagements. Taking what you know about your target audiences, you’ll have to determine which platforms are ideal for engaging which customers.

In 2020, you can engage customers via text, email, and even WiFi. There’s a whole bevvy of social media options to choose from, all being accessed by either mobile or desktop. Some customers will prefer to engage exclusively through one method (e.g. a mobile user who follows you on Twitter) while others will be everywhere (e.g. someone who receives your email newsletters, follows you on multiple social networks, and actively checks the blog on your website – from both their mobile device and desktop).

And while the digital landscape has opened up so many ways to engage, it’s important to not lose sight of how important physical engagements still are. Unless you’re business is entirely online-based, digital and physical engagement must work in harmony. Leveraging your in-store presence effectively can actively strengthen overall customer engagement.

Understand that quality engagement is more than just advertising. Customer engagement is about building a relationship. It’s not just constant promotion. It’s catering to your customers’ wants and needs. Imagine having a friend that does nothing but talk about themselves. You don’t want to be that type of brand.

Like any personal relationship, there’s a give-and-take involved. It’s part of the reason content marketing, for example, exists. With content marketing, you’re not directly promoting your brand. You’re creating useful content that ultimately serves to spark further interest and affection for your brand.

Another example is loyalty marketing. Loyalty programs are enormously popular for a multitude of reasons. Chief among them is their ability to keep customers consistently engaged with brands, all while developing loyalty. There’s a give-and-take involved. Loyalty members stay engaged with a brand. Then get rewarded for doing so. The modern loyalty program (a digital one) makes engaging and rewarding customers easy and instantaneous.

Customer Engagement With CoGoBuzz

Quality customer engagement doesn’t have to be difficult. With CoGoBuzz, we’re here to help. Leveraging advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service reaches your customers on the devices that they use most.

Whether in-store or out, CoGoBuzz is designed from-the-ground-up to provide the customer engagement that your brand needs. Our service redefines your mobile experience, delivering in-store engagement through free, fast, and secure WiFi. Thanks to automatic data capture, we’ll set you up with valuable customer profiles. Build your email list, social media following, and more! Ready to adopt an all-digital loyalty program? CoGoBuzz comes packed with a text-based loyalty program, designed to keep your customers constantly coming back. It’s easy and intuitive!

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