Want to maintain a profitable restaurant? Create more repeat customers. Repeat customers spend a lot more than new ones. 33% more in fact, according to CustomerThermometer.

When it comes to creating more repeat customers, you need to incentivize customers to return in the first place. Even if a customer thoroughly enjoyed their dining experience, sometimes they need a little extra push to actually stop by again.

Digital marketing is how you’ll make that push.

Here’s five ways digital marketing can create more repeat customers in your restaurant.

WiFi Marketing. Everyone needs Internet. Even when they’re going out to eat. And that’s why every restaurant should be making use of WiFi Marketing. What is WiFi Marketing, you ask? Essentially, it’s a way to extract value out of a service customers have come to expect. It works by requiring a quick, easy login for customers accessing your in-restaurant HotSpot. From there, you can set up customer profiles and start engaging them in remarketing opportunities (e.g. automated messages, SMS coupons).

Read ahead and I’ll go into detail on how your restaurant can get started with WiFi Marketing.

Email Newsletters. Newsletters are extremely useful for keeping your existing customers informed and engaged, but they’re also an easy way to spark interest in a return visit. Seeing an email newsletter covering all of the cool things your restaurant is doing – events, specials, Happy Hours, just to name a few – gives the impression that there’s so much more to see (and try). Seal the deal with a great subject line that has a solid call-to-action, and they’ll be back before you know it.

Flash Deals. Flash deals, whether sent via text, email, or promoted on social media, encourage customers to act immediately. When a customer finds out that they only have a matter of hours to get an amazing BOGO drink deal, they don’t want to miss out. And in many cases, it’s the exact incentive needed to motivate a restaurant visit.

Digital Loyalty Programs. Loyalty programs are literally designed to create repeat customers. One of the best ways to create a repeat customer is to get said customer into your loyalty program in the first place. Once they’re a member, they’ll start actively chasing rewards you’ve set out for them.

Want the best results? Set yourself up with digital loyalty program. With a digital loyalty program, you can engage and reward your customers instantly.

Review Responses. Whether you’ve received a glowingly positive review or a searing takedown, taking the time to sit down and write a thoughtful response to each one is a great way to support future visits to your restaurant. People take notice when restaurants respond to reviews, whether it’s the person who left the review, or someone who’s considering going in for a visit.

For a deeper dive, including some guidelines on how to handle critical reviews, click here for seven quick tips for improving your restaurant reviews.

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Because customers login through WiFi with their Facebook profile, email, or phone number, we’ll hook you up fully-realized customer profiles, giving you all the valuable data you need to cater to them. On top of that, you’ll take advantage of a digital text-based loyalty program that simplifies engagement to a simple text message. Engage your customers with flash deals, rewards, and more, wherever they go.

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What digital marketing methods has your restaurant tried? Let us know in the comments!