Content marketing keeps customers interested and engaged with your brand. Even when they’re not actually making a direct purchase.

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Content is constantly evolving. Get ahead of the trends and check out what Forbes has to say about the future of content marketing at the link below.

12 Top Content Marketing Trends Just Over The Horizon

For your viewing convenience, here’s a quick recap of trends listed in the article.

  1. Microcontent
  2. Multimodal, Multichannel, Multivariant Content
  3. Rise Of Timeless Content
  4. Proprietary Data And A Unique POV
  5. Short Videos Becoming The Norm
  6. Increased Live Streams
  7. GIFs, AR Filters And Lenses
  8. Content Built For Voice Search
  9. Renaissance Of User-Generated Content
  10. Growing Importance Of Context
  11. Partnership Of Brands And Influencers
  12. A Return To People-Focused Content

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