Football season may be temporarily off the menu, but there’s plenty of other sports to go around in the meantime. And that means potential profit for your restaurant.

With CoGoBuzz, profits stay on the menu all year long. Our state-of-the-art digital service leverages WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions to get you more repeat customers automatically. Through a one-time login to your in-store HotSpot, customers can check out your latest deals, menus, and more directly from their mobile devices. We’ll automatically produce a full customer profile for every customer that logs in, setting you up with valuable data to fuel your marketing efforts.

Ready to take advantage of all the springtime sports coming up? Head over to Restaurant Business for an in-depth look at how to build delivery sales.

Springtime Sports Offer Big Opportunity To Build Delivery Sales

For your viewing convenience, here’s a recap of the article.

  • Create combos and platters
  • Show and tell
  • Pack it right
  • Curate the menu

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