I spend a lot of time talking about how to get more repeat customers. It’s because they’re pretty much the foundation of any successful restaurant. You want as many as you can get.

When it comes to these valued repeat customers, there’s no shortage of strategies and marketing techniques used to encourage them into your restaurant. Today, we’re going to be talking about re-engagement ideas. These are methods that can be used to engage customers who have already given you their business.

These ideas can be used for text marketing, your email newsletter, push notifications (if you have an app), or even direct mail. Check ‘em out below.

The “We’ve Missed You” Offer. If a customer hasn’t been in for a while, the simplest approach is often the best approach. Let them know that you’ve noticed they haven’t been in for a while, and set them up with an exclusive offer for their next visit. Sometimes, a reminder and a deal is all it takes to get customers back in.

The Happy Birthday Message. Want a good excuse to engage a customer? There’s no better excuse than wishing them a happy birthday. People are always on the lookout for free benefits that businesses will offer to them all because of their birthday, particularly with restaurants, where they can frequently get free food. But what’s the point of giving out free food for birthdays if you’re not promoting it?

The “Don’t Miss Out” Special. Ready for some acronyms? This method is where you’ll put LTOs and FOMO to work (limited-time offers and fear of missing out). The entire purpose of LTOs is to induce the FOMO effect. You want customers to think “Wow, I really can’t miss this. What if I never get another chance?” For restaurants, this can prove especially effective when promoting a limited menu item that’s only going to be available for so long. And then it’s gone.

The Latest Menu Update. Have a new menu item to promote? Fire off a recommendation. “Our brand new Spicy Buffalo Chicken Tenders are now available! Try today for only $6.99!” Whether you’re just adding a single item, updating your seasonal specials, or overhauling your entire menu, it’s a great reason to get engaged with your customers.

The Weekly Special. You probably already have an existing weekly special. You know, Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, just to name a few. Either the day of or the night before, send your customers a quick message reminding them to stop by. Don’t just assume that all of your customers are aware of any weekly specials.

The Event That’s Coming Up. Promoting your latest event could be just the incentive your customers need to show up. Whether you’re offering cooking classes, hosting a charity auction, or throwing a holiday party, events get people motivated and excited. Attending an event deepens the connection with your brand, further developing loyalty.

The Reward Benefits. If you have a loyalty program (you definitely should), here’s an idea to try. Whether you’re keeping loyalty members engaged, or attracting new customers to join, running and promoting special “reward events” can be just the motivator you’re looking for. By “reward events,” I mean stuff like, for example, earning double reward points for all purchases made during a set period of time.

The Email Newsletter. Feel like you have so much to talk about and promote? That’s where your newsletter comes in. Make sure your newsletter has a strong CTA along with a subject line that stands out, and you’ll be good to go.

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Have any re-engagement ideas to share? Sound off in the comments!