Chances are, if you’ve done any marketing at all for your brand, you already have an idea of who your target audience is. However, if you want to truly improve the quality of your marketing, gaining an even deeper understanding of your target audience is a must. Having a tighter focus will better inform every single marketing decision you ever make.

Broken down by the Five Ws, here’s our top 25 list of essential questions you should be able to answer about your target audience.


  • What are your basic audience demographics? This includes everything from age, to income, to gender, and so on. You know the drill.
  • What are your audience psychographics? This includes their lifestyle, attitudes, values, beliefs, interests, activities, and so on.
  • What’s something that your customers all have in common? Even if you think your audience is too broad, I guarantee you that there’s some sort of commonality you can find.
  • Who aren’t your customers? Pinpointing the type of customers who you don’t want to market to can help narrow the focus of your target audience.


  • What needs and wants do your customers have? How do your products/services fulfill them?
  • What are your audience’s brand expectations? Do they expect quality customer service? A luxury experience? Affordable goods?
  • What is the intended emotional impact of your brand? Basically, how does your brand make your customers feel?
  • What is the perceived value of your brand?
  • What drives your customers to make purchasing decisions? Do they value price over quality? Quality over price?
  • What could convince other customers to switch to your brand?
  • Do you share your target audience with other brands? What are these brands doing effectively?


  • Where does your audience use your products/services?
  • Where do they purchase your products/services? Is it online? In-store? Maybe even over the phone?
  • Where are your customers most likely to engage with your brand? Is it digitally or in-person? Mobile or desktop? Social media or website?
  • Where are your customers most likely to see advertising for your brand?


  • When does your audience need your products/services?
  • When is your audience most likely to visit your business?
  • When is your audience most likely to engage with your brand?
  • When are your customers most likely to return for future purchases? Are there trends/patterns to watch for?


  • Why do your customers choose your brand over a competitor?
  • Why is this specific target audience right for your brand?
  • Why does your brand inspire loyalty?
  • Why do your customers perceive your brand as valuable?
  • Would your customers recommend your brand? Why?
  • Why is there brand dilution (if any at all)?

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