Want to build a successful content marketing plan? Embrace mobile marketing. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of mobile device usage, the way in which we consume content has drastically changed. In order to maximize its effectiveness, your content marketing needs to go mobile.

Here’s five quick tips to help your business create more successful mobile content.

Optimize your website for mobile. Before you even worry about the content itself, you’ll want to properly optimize your website for mobile. If your website isn’t properly optimized, any content featured there probably isn’t either. While most website builders will automatically create a mobile version of your site, not everything will always translate perfectly. I recommend taking the time to test out your website (on multiple devices if possible). 

You’ll want to check every page, make sure it’s easy to use, and just check to see if everything is in working order. You’ll want to take note of things like button sizes, how images scale, how easy everything is to read, and most importantly for the sake of this article, how any content you’ve made available appears.

Develop content with a mobile mindset. If you’re creating content first, then figuring out how to scale it to mobile later, you’re doing it all wrong. Any content you’re developing needs to be made with mobile in mind. That means considering factors like the length of headlines and video titles, the visibility of graphics at various screen sizes, paragraph length, and font size.

Use subtitles. Use your phone in public? You probably keep it silenced. That’s why so many videos on social media feature subtitles. The vast majority (85%) of videos on Facebook are watched without any sound. (American Press Institute) Smart marketers use this to their advantage by using subtitles in unique ways to create more dynamic content.

Think vertically. I’ll be honest. I’m not the biggest fan of vertical videos. I want to watch videos on my phone just like I watch movies or television: in landscape. But this is an article about content marketing, not film school. And vertical is what works. I wouldn’t recommend it to you otherwise. Not only is vertical content easier for consumers (they don’t have to awkwardly rotate their phone with two hands), it consumes the entire screen. There’s less distractions. 

Email has gone mobile. Nearly 62% of all email gets opened on a mobile device (Adestra). For that reason alone, your email marketing plans need to take mobile devices into account. That means, much like your website, your emails need to be optimized for mobile. Make sure you’re using a responsive template so that your emails fit the screen of the device being used. Try to keep your subject lines short enough so that they aren’t cut off by mobile clients. Oh, and make sure you have a clear, visible call-to-action.

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