If you work in a small business, you want to keep costs down. It’s as simple as that.

But if you’re a savvy business owner (or you work with one), you know that there are certain things that you can’t afford to cut down on, regardless of how much it might cost.

One of those very important things? Marketing.

Of course, just because you have to spend on marketing, doesn’t mean you can’t save on marketing. That’s what we’re here to talk about today. Specifically, we’ll be diving into a few ways your business can use digital marketing to not only save money, but actively grow your brand.

Here’s four affordable digital marketing ideas that are great for any small business.

Optimize your social media presence. For brands, social media can be the great equalizer. But it’s hard to compete with corporate titans and their unlimited resources when yours are spread a little bit thin. That’s why you need to optimize where those resources are going to maximize your brand’s social media potential.

In order to do that, you need to understand that your brand can’t do it all. Optimizing your presence means figuring out which platforms your customers live and breathe. This depends on a variety of factors including what industry you exist in, the makeup of your customer demographics, and what sort of content you’re producing. You don’t just want to be on every platform for the sake of being on every platform. It needs to make sense.

For a more in-depth look at optimizing your social media presence, click here.

Affordable content marketing. There’s a wide variety of content that your business can choose to produce, some of it more affordable than others. Here’s a quick list of affordable, effective content to help bolster your digital marketing efforts.

  • A regularly scheduled blog for your website.
  • Video content for your various social channels.
  • Podcasts featuring discussion related to your products, brand, etc.
  • Infographics with data, statistics, and more.
  • Behind-the-scenes features on how your business runs.
  • Contests designed to fuel engagement, increase user-generated content, etc.
  • Quality visual content in all of your social posts.

Better SEO. Making some smart SEO-fueled adjustments to your website can make a world of difference for your brand’s visibility. There are hundreds of ways to improve search engine optimization (and believe me, that’s not an understatement).

It’s shocking to me that only 63% of marketers are actively investing in SEO. (HubSpot) That number should be way higher. According to New Media Campaigns, organic SEO performs about 5.66 times better than paid search ads. On top of that, 93% of all online experiences actually start on a search engine.

If you’re looking to get started on improving your SEO, click here to check out a guide from HubSpot.

Marketing automation. Marketing automation sounds expensive. Getting anything to operate automatically, especially something as complicated as marketing, doesn’t exactly seem like the sort of thing that would be easy or affordable.

The reality is quite the opposite. Marketing automation is so popular because it allows businesses to save money and time, boost efficiency, and create more advanced marketing campaigns with limited resources. According to Venture Harbor, marketing automation has been used by 79% of top-performing companies for three or more years.

With automation technology in place, your brand can schedule campaigns in advance, learn more about your customer demographics, and even get more social media followers without lifting a finger. Click here for seven reasons why your small business needs marketing automation.

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