Trying to improve engagement with your customers? Look no further than bulk text.

Bulk text allows your brand to simultaneously engage your entire customer base with just the push of a button. With bulk text, you can write, tailor, and automate messages to instantly get in touch with customers at precisely the right moment.

Not convinced? Here’s a few benefits to be aware of.

  • Text messages get read. According to Gartner, SMS open rates are 98% while response rates are 45%. For email, those numbers are 20% and 6% respectively.
  • 75% of customers actually want offers sent to their phones via text, according to Digital Marketing Magazine.
  • Research from Velocify says that customers who receive text messages are 40% more likely to convert. The study goes on to suggest that proper use of texting can actually increase conversions by more than 100%.

If you want even more detail, we’ve got you covered. Click here for five data-backed reasons text marketing is great for customer engagement.

Today, we’re going to be talking about ways your business can actively improve its bulk text capabilities. Better bulk texting means better engagement and (as mentioned above) even more conversions. Here’s six tips to get you started.

Segment. Just because you’re sending a bulk text doesn’t mean it should go to every single one of your customers. That’s why segmenting your customers is essential. With services like CoGoBuzz, you can create tailored audiences so that the right customers are getting the right messages.

Personalize. Speaking of sending the right messages to the right people, personalizing bulk texts is a proven method for improving customer engagement. According to a report from Segment, after a customer has had their shopping experience personalized:

  • 44% are more likely to become a repeat customer
  • 32% are more likely to write a positive review
  • 39% are more likely to tell their friends and family about the experience
  • 22% are more likely to post something positive on social media

By leveraging marketing automation, you can ensure that all of your bulk texts are personalized. With CoGoBuzz, you can even engage customers with birthday texts, personal reminders, event notifications, and more.

Schedule in advance. One of the defining benefits of bulk text is the ability to schedule entire campaigns in advance, even many months out. The power of planning a long-term text campaign can’t be understated. Getting the most out of bulk text means automating in advance. It’ll save you time and allow you to plan more purposeful campaigns.

React. At the same time, bulk text allows you to be reactive. Like I mentioned above, text messages get read. If you need to relay an important message to your customer base, bulk text gives you the capability to do so, with the assurance that it’s going to be seen. You can even react to trends and changes as your campaigns progress. Just because you’ve automated in advance doesn’t mean you can’t change the script. Be reactive.

Don’t get too wordy. Every bulk text you send should have a CTA (your call to action). What’s the objective of this message? What action do you want the customer to take? That point should be abundantly clear to the customer right away. Don’t beat around the bush. If you don’t get to the point, you risk losing your customer’s attention.

Opt-in, opt-out. One final tip: give your customers a sense of control over what information they receive. Most people aren’t fans of unsolicited communication, especially via text message. It feels invasive. That’s why you want to make sure your customers opt-in before you start texting (and always give them the choice to opt-out).

Bulk Text With CoGoBuzz

Ready to get started with bulk text?

Do it with CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital marketing service. We’ll set you up with a fully digital, mobile-based loyalty program, letting you intuitively run contests, polls, automated messages, and more. Leveraging powerful WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, CoGoBuzz redefines your entire digital presence. With our advanced in-store WiFi platform, we enroll customers to your marketing lists automatically, making it easy to engage wherever and whenever.

Want to send a bulk text message today? If you already have a list of customer phone numbers, we can import these into our system. You’ll be able to start sending bulk text messages with links to order online, purchase gift cards, make donations, and update customers with new hours and store info.

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