Live video is rapidly becoming one of the most popular methods that brands are using to connect with their audiences. With more people stuck at home than ever, it’s one of the more effective ways to reach out and engage your customers.

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Today, we’re sharing an article from HubSpot detailing a set of creative ideas to use for your next Facebook live event. Check it out at the link below.

7 Creative Ideas for Your Next Facebook Live Event, from HubSpot’s Social Media Campaign Manager

And again, for your convenience, here’s a recap of HubSpot’s seven ideas.

  1. Teach a class.
  2. Raise money for a cause.
  3. Host a weekly roundtable.
  4. Process-style workshop with a behind-the-scenes component.
  5. Hangout Live in a Facebook Group.
  6. AMA with a company expert.
  7. Host an exclusive product launch or post-launch education session.

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