With summer on the horizon, there’s a new opportunity to give your marketing plans a fresh start.

We get it. Money’s probably a little tight. Pretty much everyone is trying to save right now. But as long as you’re in business, you have to keep marketing. Here’s three easy ways to make sure your next marketing campaign isn’t just within budget, it’s getting the job done.

Leverage marketing automation. Want to save money? Get started with marketing automation. With the power of a quality marketing automation service (such as CoGoBuzz), you’ll improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns tenfold at just a fraction of the cost. Automated campaigns save you time and money, they boost efficiency, and give you greater customer insight, all while barely having to lift a finger.

Time and time again, marketing automation has been proven to be an effective way to improve your business. According to Lenskold Group, 63% of companies that are using marketing automation are actually outgrowing their competitors.

Plan a text marketing campaign. You know what goes great with marketing automation? A text marketing campaign. Thanks to the power of automation, you can easily collect customer phone numbers to help fuel your next campaign.

Text marketing has an assortment of benefits. According to research from Velocify, not only are customers who receive text messages 40% more likely to convert, texting is actually capable of increasing conversions by more than 100%. But the true beauty of text marketing? You can automate an entire campaign in advance.

As you prepare for summer, and you begin to put your long-term marketing plans in place, consider planning a text campaign for the season. Doing so can help ensure customer engagement holds steady.

To learn more on text marketing, click here to check out six tips for better bulk texting.

Brush up on your summer marketing tactics. At the end of the day, you’re planning a summer marketing campaign. Get the most out of the season to help create a better functioning campaign. Here’s a few tactics to be aware of.

  • Summer imagery. Moving into summer means embracing the warm visuals of the season, whether it’s through your social media presence, your website, your marketing emails, or your in-store presence. Courtesy of Easil, check out these five summer-ready color palettes.
  • Mark the holidays. Summer may not technically be “the holiday season,” but there’s actually a ton of marketing value in the holidays of summer. The Fourth of July provides an excellent opportunity to inject a little patriotism to your summer campaign. And while it’s not really a holiday, don’t forget about back-to-school marketing. The National Retail Federation expected back-to-school spending to reach $80.7 billion last year.
  • Community involvement. Like it or not, the summer of 2020 is going to be a little different. As highlighted in this article from the Harvard Gazette, socially distanced visits to popular outdoor locations are going to be a lot more common this year. During a normal year, I would advise sponsoring community events to increase brand visibility, but with the current climate, I suggest considering a different approach. Focus on getting your brand into the community by highlighting its commitment to safety.

Affordable, Effective Marketing With CoGoBuzz

Putting together your next great marketing campaign just got a lot easier. CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital marketing service, is the easiest way to nail all of your marketing this summer. Thanks to powerful WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, we’ll promote your business both in-store and out.

Leveraging your in-store HotSpot, CoGoBuzz displays an interactive landing page on your customers’ mobile devices. There, you can show off your summer sales, events, and more! Collect phone numbers and enroll customers in your CoGoBuzz-powered text-based loyalty program. Instantly let them know what’s going on with your business this summer, all with just a simple text message.

On top of that, CoGoBuzz sets you up with fully realized customer profiles for every customer that logs in to your HotSpot. Learn more about your customers to help create the best marketing campaign possible.

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Have any big summer marketing plans? Sound off in the comments!