As the development of technology continues to march forward, the ways in which marketers can engage consumers multiply faster than the average person can even keep up with. The vast number of channels brands now have at their fingertips creates a strong need for a unified strategy. A way to make sense of everything to ensure consistency, understanding, and success.

Ultimately, that’s where the need for integrated marketing rose from. Implementing an integrating marketing campaign aims to convey a consistent marketing message, across multiple channels, with a consumer-focused message. It’s intended to map every point of the consumer journey for maximum effectiveness.

Brands implement integrated marketing campaigns in a number of ways. As outlined in this article from Smart Insights, effectives campaigns leverage consistent messaging across every channel to ensure brand recall. From social media content to advertising, every channel is unified toward the same objective.

The more you see something, the more likely you are to remember it. Consider the Rule of Seven. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an old marketing rule that still manages to hold relevance today. As defined in this article from Sigl Creative, the rule states that seven exposures are required (on average) before a prospective customer makes the intended purchase.

Granted, the rule isn’t an exact science, yet it demonstrates a clear principle that integrated marketing seeks to fulfill. By establishing a consistent marketing message across multiple channels, you’re ensuring that customers are more likely to walk away with the intended point of the campaign. The message becomes more memorable, and the customer is driven to the point of purchase.

On the flipside, this ensures that your various marketing messages aren’t getting in the way of each other. If a customer is seeing two different messages across two different channels, they’re going to be far less likely to understand what your campaign is trying to accomplish in the first place. That defeats the entire purpose. If an ad on TV is conveying one message while an ad on Facebook doesn’t match that message at all, you’re setting yourself up for brand confusion.

As I’ve discussed, thanks to technology, there are now more channels than ever before for getting your marketing messages in front of customers. Smartphones have made it so that brands are now able to engage customers whenever, wherever, in multiple ways. When executed correctly, an integrated marketing campaign will ensure a prospective customer is being exposed to a consistent message whether they’re checking their email, social media, or even a text alert.

Of course, successful integrated marketing campaigns encompass more than enforcing brand consistency across every channel. Depending on the goal of your campaign, your message will need to be tailored based on the channel, the audience, and other factors. This can still be accomplished without sacrificing the integrity of the campaign. It just needs to be done deliberately and with care.

Another major benefit that you’re sure to appreciate? Because integrated marketing campaigns are singular campaigns that are optimized across multiple channels, you’ll save time and money on assets used between them. There’s less need to design unique visual elements for each medium.

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