For the small business world, branding is every bit as important as it is for the big guys. Your brand represents your business. Online, in-store, everywhere.

With CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art marketing service, we’ll help build and refine your small business’s brand at the digital level. With our advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service creates a digital footprint for your brand – both in-store and out. CoGoBuzz comes loaded with a whole line of awesome features designed to more effectively engage your audience. Take advantage of a digital text-based loyalty program, full profiles for every customer that connects to your WiFi, and so much more!

Today, we’re also sharing an article from HubSpot covering how to more effectively brand your business on a budget. Check it out at the link below.

7 Steps to (Effectively) Branding Your Business on a Budget

For your viewing convenience, here’s a recap of the article’s seven steps.

  1. Create a persona to understand your audience.
  2. Develop an identity and voice for your brand.
  3. Begin to map out a consistent social media presence.
  4. Start a blog on your website.
  5. Make customer service a priority.
  6. Take advantage of co-branding.
  7. Host a masterclass or webinar.

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