For most businesses right now, keeping costs down is a pretty big priority. If your marketing budget has been slashed, you need to do more with less.

That’s where CoGoBuzz comes in.

When you get started with CoGoBuzz, you’ll gain access to industry-leading WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions. It all starts when customers login to your in-store HotSpot via Facebook, Email Address or Phone Number. From there, our service develops a full profile, setting you up with access to crucial customer data. Find out who’s coming to your business, and how often. We’ll then automatically store their profile information and automatically send them to your favorite Marketing List, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

But that’s not all! With CoGoBuzz, you’ll get automatic Facebook followers, a digital text-based loyalty program, and more. It’s easy, affordable, and effortless.

Today, we’re also sharing an article from HubSpot covering 15 different ways you can cut costs. Check it out at the link below.

15 Effective Ways to Cut Costs in Business

For your viewing convenience, here’s five of our favorite methods from the article.

  1. Analyze and track the efficiency of your business.
  2. Eliminate products that don’t sell well.
  3. Buy in bulk.
  4. Participate in loyalty programs.
  5. Automate processes.

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