Fall is almost here. With only a few weeks left for summer, it’s time to start making sure your fall marketing plans are in order.

But this year’s a little different, as I know we’re all well aware. Planning your fall marketing in 2020 isn’t going to be quite the same as any other year. You’re going to have to make some adjustments and considerations in light of the new normal we’re all dealing with.

So, if you need a few ideas to help get your restaurant’s fall marketing plans into gear, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our selection of ideas for 2020.

Start with the trends. Here’s what won’t change this year. Whether we’re talking about the new normal or the old one, it’s always going to benefit your restaurant to take a look at the trends. You can decide if it’s in your best interests to act on them, but they’re always worth being well aware of.

In 2020, with so much on the line for restaurants everywhere, the trends are a bit more important than usual. The trends this year aren’t just shaping what customers want to eat. They’re shaping every aspect of how customers engage with restaurants. To help get you started, click here to check out a list of ten pandemic-focused restaurant trends, courtesy of Fast Casual.

Takeout-fueled specials. While we’re on the subject of trends, let’s talk about takeout and what it means for your fall specials menu (if you have one). As you plan your menu for fall, think about what’s going to be best for your at-home customers. Not every meal is ideal for sending home, and Grab-and-Go is always a great option. If you’ve introduced meal kits since the beginning of the pandemic, why not plan a new fall-themed meal kit?

Social media events. Whenever a new season rolls around, I always recommend holding events. Fall always presents a lot of awesome event opportunities for restaurants. There’s Halloween, fall sports, back-to-school, and harvest festivals, just to name a few.

But events aren’t quite as popular during the new normal. Which means you’re going to have to get creative. And one of the ways you can do so is by going virtual.

My recommendation is to try holding virtual events through social media. Thanks to the rise of live video, you can livestream Q&As, cooking classes, and more without having to invite customers directly into your restaurant. For a deeper dive into getting started with live video, click here to check out eight quick tips.

Digital loyalty engagement. To continue the theme of engaging your customers while they’re at home, another marketing idea I’ve got for you is fall-themed digital loyalty. What that entails is using your loyalty program as a means for your fall marketing initiatives. That means fall-themed rewards, contests, and promotions.

If your restaurant doesn’t have a digital loyalty program, now is the time to act. Digital loyalty programs allow you to engage and reward your customers instantly. It gives you a direct line of communication to your most loyal customers. That’s power that a hole-punch card can never earn you.

Starting a digital loyalty program doesn’t have to be difficult either. You don’t even need an app. Just a text-based loyalty program. To learn how easy and affordable a digital loyalty program can be, read ahead to learn about our solution.

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Whether you’re one of our current customers, or you’re interested in joining the CoGoBuzz family, we’re committed to helping businesses affected by COVID-19.

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Message from our CEO

“From pricing to packaging, our mission has always been to provide customers with unbeatable value. That’s why, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeking to provide the most aggressive offers to help suffering restaurants survive. We believe that half of small restaurants will fail in the year after operations return to normal. The restaurants that survive and thrive will be the ones that win loyalty and focus on bringing customers back over the following year.”

– Steve Gould, CEO

Click here for more details on how we’re handling the crisis.

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