Sales starting to slow? You can’t go wrong with a good LTO.

Offering a mouthwatering set of limited-time offers can be exactly what your restaurant needs to get its customer base interested. LTOs motivate your customers to eat because they don’t want to miss out. It’s one of the best tactics around.

With CoGoBuzz, promoting your LTO specials has never been easier. Leveraging powerful WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service delivers your menu, specials, and more straight to mobile devices. CoGoBuzz sets you up with a text-based loyalty program, automatic Facebook followers, customer profiles for every single login to your HotSpot, and more.

Today, we’re also sharing an article from Restaurant Business reviewing eight LTOs restaurants are embracing from across the globe. Featuring restaurants like Subway and Burger King, check it out at the link below.

8 Unique LTOs Trending Around The World

For your viewing convenience, here’s all eight LTOs.

  1. Saucy Meatball Mozza Pot
  2. Handcrafted 1-Liter Beverages
  3. Chicken Cheese Crumble
  4. Veal Bull’s Eye Burger
  5. All-Day Breakfast Pizza
  6. Durian Lava Cake
  7. Donut La Lechera
  8. Flower Cone Series

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