We live in a mobile world. And like it or not, that world is here to stay.

Our lives are run through smartphones and tablets. We work, play, learn, and socialize using these devices. To succeed in 2021 and beyond, your business needs to plan with a mobile approach.

According to data from Google, 89% of people will be more likely to recommend your brand if they have a positive brand experience on their mobile device. Don’t underestimate what embracing mobile can accomplish.

Ready to kickstart your path to mobile success? Here’s three suggestions for creating more mobile-friendly content.

Mobile SEO Optimization

There’s a unique wrinkle to consider when developing your business’s SEO strategy. And that’s mobile SEO.

Why does mobile SEO matter? Well, think about how you search on a mobile device. It’s probably somewhat different than how you might search on a desktop. You probably use fewer words and rely more heavily on autocorrect. You might even be looking for completely different information entirely.

Depending on your business, mobile SEO can play a significant role in how your potential customers find relevant information. For example, if you run a restaurant, mobile users might be trying to find the menu real quick. If you’ve taken the steps to properly fill out your Google My Business profile, that information will be available and ready to go.

Another factor to consider regarding mobile SEO is your website’s functionality. If your website loads slowly on mobile, that can have a poor impact on your SEO rankings. The best way to make sure your mobile website is performing well is to keep monitoring it. Check it every single day to ensure it’s running smoothly.

Video Adjustments

Mobile has taken over as the dominant way to watch video. The Q2 2020 Global Video Index report from Brightcove found that more than half of all global video content is being viewed through a mobile device. In fact, it’s been that way for twelve straight quarters.

Just like search, mobile devices impact how people engage with content. Because people regularly watch mobile videos without sound, subtitles have become a necessity. Vertical videos are proving increasingly popular as well – a lot of people just don’t like to rotate their screens.

Still, it’s important to know who your audience is. Depending on what sort of content you’re producing, your viewers may skew. YouTube features a toolset that will show you whether your views are coming from mobile or desktops (in addition to other useful demographic information). Knowing your audience will help inform your mobile strategy.

Mobile Usability

Mobile has reshaped the entire Internet. Ever visited a website that hasn’t been updated in more than a decade? You can tell the difference. I remember when I bought my first smartphone and started visiting websites that weren’t optimized for mobile. I’d have to pinch the screen in order to click on miniscule buttons, clearly designed to be clicked on by a mouse – not my thumb.

Modern website design takes into account how mobile users interact with content.
If you’re producing content on a desktop, it’s important to consider how it’s going to translate to a mobile device.

To get a feel for whether or not your website really functions on mobile, I encourage you to pull it up on your phone and surf around. Is it easy to navigate? How much scrolling do you have to do?

On the subject of website copy, you’ll want to avoid walls of text. You’ve worked hard on your content. You don’t want your audience to click away because there were just too many words.

Quality over quantity, my friends.

Let’s use an example. This article that you’re reading right now? I typed out the whole thing on my good old fashioned personal computer. But take a look at how many paragraphs I’ve used. I use the enter key rather generously to help with readability.

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What does your business do to produce more mobile-friendly content? Sound off in the comments!