2021 is nearly here. That means it’s time to look ahead toward a new year in the restaurant industry.

And a new year means new trends.

As to which trends will reign supreme this year? That remains to be seen. But rest assured that with CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital marketing service, there’s no better way around to promote all of your restaurant’s latest offerings. Leveraging advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, we’ll develop full profiles for every customer that logs into your in-store HotSpot, get you automatic Facebook followers, and hook you up with a CoGoBuzz-powered, text-based loyalty program.

Ready for some trends? Today, we’re sharing an article from Restaurant Business covering what consumers should expect to be drinking next year. Check it out at the link below.

What Consumers Can Expect To Drink In 2021

For your viewing convenience, here’s a recap of the article.

  • Canned and bottled cocktails
  • Hot cocktails
  • Virtual cocktail bars
  • Interactive beverage education
  • Flavor-forward, health-promoting drinks

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