Loyalty has gone mobile.

The days of hole-punch cards are behind us. Brands across the globe are embracing the future of loyalty through mobile, engaging and rewarding their customers instantly. One of the most significant benefits of mobile loyalty is the ability to directly send loyalty texts to rewards members. And that’s a big deal.

Did you know that 75% of customers want to receive text offers from brands? Don’t underestimate how beneficial loyalty texts can be.

Here are seven easy ways loyalty texts can help engage and retain your customers.

(Don’t have a text-based loyalty program yet? Read ahead to find out how easy it is to start one!)



First and foremost, ensuring that your program is personalized for each member is very important. At the most basic level, this allows you to do things like including their names in text messages and sending birthday texts. On a more advanced level, it allows you to segment your audiences by demographics so that you can provide the most relevant offers.

Leverage Polls

Your customers can be your greatest source of information. Anytime you want feedback for your business, running a quick poll can really come in handy. Need to gauge interest in a new product line or service? No problem. Just text out a quick poll. In exchange, make sure you offer a reward (however small) to get the best results.

Promote + Remind Instantly

Loyalty texts are instant. And that’s powerful. Did you know that customers who receive text messages are 40% more likely to convert? On top of that, proper use of texting can actually increase conversions by more than 100%. (Velocify)

With a text loyalty program, you can send quick reminders to customers and let them know what’s coming. Have a sale that’s ending tomorrow? Give it one last push with a text reminder.

Have an event? What better way to promote it than by instantly texting it out to your loyal customers? Sweeten the deal by offering exclusive access, the members-only presale for tickets, etc. Additionally, you can try holding member-exclusive events as a benefit.

Contests + Giveaways

What’s one of the most important parts of a loyalty program? Rewards! If you want to keep things interesting, try spicing up your program with contests, giveaways, and more. Customers will be delighted to participate, and it’s a great way to fuel engagement.

Referral Texts

Referrals have been consistently proven to be an effective way to increase loyalty program sign-ups. The key, of course, is attaching a reward to the referral process. Typically something that benefits both parties involved. Whether it’s store credit, a unique reward, a higher tier in the program, or something else entirely, feel free to get creative here.

Automated Campaigns

Getting the most out of text loyalty means taking advantage of marketing automation. With the right service (like CoGoBuzz), you can automate entire text marketing campaigns in advance. Right down to the very minute!

Promote Your Program

And of course, if you actually want members in your loyalty program, you need to promote it in the first place. Make sure there’s a nice visible spot for it on your website, some in-store promotion, and the periodic social media post (but not too frequent… you don’t need to go overboard).

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