Our Brand


We are a leading provider of Guest Internet services.
Servicing the hospitality, retail, and health & wellness industries since 2002.

Our Beginnings

NConnections began in 2002 as HotAir Network Group, Inc. In the early days, the hospitality industry was just struggling with the “new” internet technology and even more so with the wireless evolution. HotAir has led the industry in how to best provide a highly technical solution to the traveler / transient user – always aware of the next level of demand, always looking for the most cost effective “technology roadmap” for our customers. NConnections has expanded to a wide range of B2C Markets; which provides Customer Engagement & Big Data Solutions to Retail and Health & Wellness, across America.

Our Mission

Focus on the guest and the best ways to provide the guest a quality internet experience through:

  • a strong technical solution with the right equipment
  • professional and accessible support team
  • a proactive Network Operations Center that maintains an open line of communication with the hotel
  • an integrated “team” effort between our staff and yours providing the guest the best possible solution for their internet needs

The objective is a seamless delivery of the features and services to portray the property in the “best light” to your guests and help make their experience that much better.

Our Focus

Simply the property – the property understands better than anyone the level of service required to meet the expectations of the guest, whether it be the latest in high speed internet needs or the need for a clean room. Our objective, from the early years, is to see the guest, not as a “user”, but as a guest at a property and provide a solution in a professional, hospitality based, package as well as the local property staff.

This focus has led us to realize that our clients – the properties, the property management groups, and property ownership don’t want long technical explanations, they want a vendor that has the right objectives and is willing to do what is necessary to exceed the expectations of the guest.