Customer Referrals

Love Our Products & Services?
A referral is the best compliment we could ask for!

And to thank you, we’re offering a credit to your monthly bill for each new customer you refer.


Earn up to 10% Residuals
EVERY Month, For EVERY Referral

Based on the referral, you can get up to a 10% credit of your referral’s total monthly service bill, on yours – every month!
Your service could be completely free!


How It Works

Send your referral your unique tracking link to sign up or contact us
(844) 658-7497


Terms & Conditions

Referral Discounts & Rates.
The discount credits applied are based on the value of the monthly service that your referral has signed up with; not all invoices. 

Referral discounts are available up to the value of your service – meaning your service can be completely Free! If your discount rate exceeds the value of your service, you may also be eligible for Marketing Service credits.  Contact us for more information. If you are interested in becoming a reseller and earning cash for your referrals, click here.

Discount Lifespan & Eligibility.
Your monthly invoice is reduced every month, as long as both accounts are active and in good standing. The referral program and related discounts, credits and eligibility are re-evaluated quarterly. NConnections reserves the right to modify the Referral Program at any time.