Stephen Gould

Stephen Gould


Stephen Gould is an entrepreneur with a successful history in providing guest-engagement software solutions for the hospitality industry, and the founder and CEO of NConnections. Upon graduation from University of Central Florida in 1984 with a bachelor’s in computer science, Gould worked for Harris Corporation 16 years. Steve led many research programs, authored development methodologies, and built and delivered software products around the world. Steve left government contracting in 1999 to join an internet security firm, e-Security. In late 2000, Steve broke away from e-Security to found System Integrity, a software toolset built to test application integrity and provide utilities for eliminating vulnerabilities in high profile commercial software.

In 2003, Steve formed HotAir Network Group, later rebranded NConnections, to provide emerging WiFi technologies into the hospitality industry. While operating NConnections, Steve founded Panoptic Technology with the specific charter of bringing customized hardware to the hospitality industry. While operating Panoptic Technology, Steve received a US Patent for his work in utilizing existing telephone infrastructure to deliver dedicated, unshared, high-speed internet to each room enabling the Smart Room Network™.

In 2014, Steve returned to his software development roots and launched the CoGoBuzz and MyConcierge initiatives. Steve’s vision of a fully integrated set of everyday technologies, built using an Open Architecture, would enable his customers to build a highly customizable and personal engagement platform around the customer driven preferred communications tool. The overall purpose is to dramatically increase customer interaction with the  venue, provide for personal, direct communications to better understand the customer, and meet or exceed customer expectations and therefore increase brand loyalty. The vision extends beyond a single venue solution, to include an integrated global franchise solution, as well as an integrated geographical solution for Main Streets, malls, and disparate venue types serving an entire commercial community such as Key West.

With over five million customer connections to their networks and thousands more every day, Steve and his team understand the evolving challenges of providing great connectivity and value to any venue and recognize that communication to the end customer is key for future success in the connected world.


Director of Business Operations


Director of Sales & Field Operations


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Director of Corporate Marketing & Product Management

Lara Disch has been with NConnections as the Marketing Director since 2016. She is responsible for brand development and one of the key contributors to product development. She has always had a passion for Mobile Technology. Lara is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and holds a degree in Digital Media, Interactive Systems and Marketing.

Prior to joining NConnections, Lara co-founded, and successfully managed, a web-based, high tech company providing leading edge, commercial grade Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, marketing & business consulting services for six years. During this time, she started an online store, becoming the first online supplier for commercial and consumer NFC technology in the United States. Lara’s startup supplied Google with NFC tags for their Google Cardboard project and was featured on their official website for the project as the NFC Supplier. Lara helped shape the solutions and sales models for emerging agencies, with services including branding and programming for innovative marketing and mobile payment solutions.

She also co-built a work order and customer management platform. The challenge came from a roofing inspection company in Texas. They needed a platform to manage leads that came from both the website and sales agents, assign & schedule inspectors, and automatically generate PDF reports, required by the government, from the inspector’s submitted data. Realizing this would help drive other service industry businesses, such as home inspection, HVAC and plumbing companies, that were stuck in an outdated, paper driven world, Lara and her business partner instead built a customizable platform to handle different types of data, meet different government requirements, and automatically email completed reports to all appropriate parties.

Magnolia Sweetgirl, AKA "Maggie"

Magnolia Sweetgirl, AKA "Maggie"

Director of Human Relations & Security

Maggie is an AKC registered Golden Doodle. She graduated from Gould Training Academy with honors. She is first to greet everyone and closes every deal with a solid shake. She is sweet but mighty! Also serving as Director of Security, her responsibilities aren’t limited to the office – you won’t see any lizards roaming around these parts.