Meet The Team

Stephen Gould

Stephen Gould


Steve has a successful history in providing guest-engagement software solutions for the hospitality industry, and the founder and CEO of NConnections. Gould graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1984 with a bachelor’s in computer science. And worked for Harris Corporation 16 years.


Director of Business Operations

Candy leads our contract management and accounting efforts with precision. Her involvement in pricing discussions, options assessment, and overall communications is indispensable for every site’s success.


Director of Sales & Field Operations

As the driving force behind our technological advancements, our team expertly manages Elec’s pivotal role in overseeing proposals, prototypes, WiFi, VOIP, and Amazon Web Services. With an unwavering focus on Elec’s expertise, we meticulously craft pricing strategies, design robust physical networks, and execute flawless installations. 


Director of Support & Network Operations

Jared assumes responsibility for day-to-day staffing and oversees all aspects of break/fix, ISP outages, and Guest Support Management. With his Cisco CCNA certification and invaluable leadership, Jared is the cornerstone of our IT department, swiftly addressing and resolving any unresolved issues.


Customer Relations Manager

As the Customer Relations Manager at NConnections, Kayte brings her expertise in creating unforgettable customer experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for exceptional service, Kayte supervises all aspects of customer interactions, from crafting unique sales collateral to delivering impactful presentations.


Customer Support Manager

As the Customer Support Manager at NConnections, Lucas is dedicated to providing exceptional support to our valued customers. With his extensive knowledge of our products and services, Lucas ensures that every customer receives the assistance they need and resolves any issues promptly and efficiently.


Creative Director

As the Creative Director at NConnections, Emma brings a fresh and innovative approach to our team. With a passion for design and a keen eye for aesthetics, she is dedicated to crafting visually stunning solutions that leave a lasting impression. With her expertise, we deliver exceptional guest internet and network solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.