Customer Engagement Marketing

for Independent & Franchise Cafes, Breweries, Restaurants & Bars

Real-Time Customer Engagement & Marketing Automations

CoGoBuzz™ provides integrated customer engagement solutions nationwide for restaurant, entertainment venues, franchises and main streets. Businesses can search, monitor and analyze their wi-fi based customer data from our mobile friendly, cloud based dashboard. Our software suite integrates Guest WiFi, SMS/Email Marketing & Digital Signage.

Capture real-time data and engage customers in real time with targeted messages from visit based data. Generate and schedule alerts, reports and graphs.

Send Contactless, Touch-Free Digital Menus – Automatically

WiFi + Social

Build Your Contact List Automatically

Customers connect to your WiFi with their Facebook account or phone number and join your loyalty program at the same time. View customer profiles, insights and real-time reports through our cloud based dashboard. Learn more about your customers and build highly targeted customer segments for ultimate customer engagement.


Customer Profiles & Insights

Contact Info

Branded Guest WiFi

Social Login

No Complicated WiFi Passwords

Text + Social

Real-Time Customer Engagement

When customers join, CoGoBuzz automatically sends them Welcome text with a link to like your Facebook page. Welcome Back texts encourage customers to post a picture on Instagram at your store, with your hashtag. Send flash deals, coupons, and create digital punch cards to keep your customers coming back. Customers can also call and reply to your SMS Phone Number.

Automatic Welcome/Welcome Back Texts
with Facebook & Instagram Links 

Increase Facebook Event Exposure & Interests 




Customer Loyalty

Digital Rewards Programs

Waste less paper with Digital Punch Cards. Customers are always losing or forgetting their punch cards. Then you have to give them new ones, and they end up using 5+ incomplete cards to redeem 1 offer. Digital punch cards are tied to the customers phone number.

Flash Deals


Automated Birthday Messages

Unlimited Digital Punch Cards

Unlimited Keywords


Digital Signage

Effortlessly Create Customer Generated Content

Encourage customers to post on Instagram with your hashtag via text and digital signage. 


Promote your Loyalty Program

Digital Menu Boards

Live Tap Lists

Event Promotions


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