Email Marketing

Intuitive, robust, and effective, CoGoBuzz is the best in the industry when it comes to empowering your existing CRM and Email Marketing accounts.

Take full control of how and when your messages go out – and to whom. The ability to implement an entire email marketing campaign in advance is a powerful capability, and CoGoBox gives you the data you need to need to get down to business. Never miss a single beat with your newly empowered messaging!

With CoGoBox, promoting your business with newsletters, promotions, and more is a total cinch. Loaded with an impressively accessible interface, you’re getting the capabilities you need to access and integrate your entire array of customers, clients, subscribers, and contacts into your CRMs.

Manage and segment your contact groups effortlessly! CoGoBox’s accessible interface manages every single one of your subscribers, groups, and contacts, providing you with the data that you need to provide your customers with highly personalized messages – even when they’re in groups!