CoGoBuzz Trial Agreement

Trial Period.Evaluation period ends at the end of the PayPal trial activation date, at which point billing for the selected service will begin. If you do not wish to continue services, all hardware must be returned, in original, working condition, within 7 business days of the end of the trial period.

Termination. After your trial period is over, cancellation or early termination requires equipment return or $150 non-return fee. The Evaluator may cancel the Trial Agreement at any time prior to the Agreement end date by returning the CoGoBuzz hardware in provided packaging and in good, working order. HNG may cancel any evaluation activity without notice. The Evaluator is required to return any and all Evaluation Unit(s), to be delivered to HNG offices, within five days of termination. In the event the Evaluation Unit(s) are damaged, lost, or stolen, the Evaluator agrees to pay the full equipment cost of $150 as provided in the accompanying invoice. If your deposit was less than this amount, as part of a special offer, you will be billed for the difference. 

Service. Subscription for this service will automatically begin 31 days from the date your package was shipped, unless written notice is sent to Your first payment will automatically be billed to the credit card information provided below, 60 days from the date your package was shipped.

1 Year Service Agreement.
If your pricing includes a 1 year service agreement, early termination requires a $100 cancellation fee. All hardware must be returned in original, working condition within 7 days of cancellation, or $150 non-return fee.  


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